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Expand your reach

Partner with telecom and cable operators faster, with Vindicia’s MarketONE platform. MarketONE helps forge partnerships with communication service providers – enabling their customers to discover and subscribe to your content and digital services. With its identity and purchase lifecycle features, MarketONE makes connections frictionless for you, service providers and consumers alike.

The communications service provider: your ideal ally

You’ve got a digital service – communications service providers (aka telecom and cable operators) have customers. By forging partnerships, you can tap into huge numbers of potential customers.

CSPs deliver:

  • Global reach
  • Billing and support
  • Bundle synergy
  • Non-competitive distribution

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Overcome partnership challenges

It can take months to integrate with just one service provider. Each new partnership is another long and expensive IT undertaking, making new partnerships hard to justify. MarketONE enables you to overcome this challenge, allowing you to onboard once and gain access to multiple service providers. Meanwhile, support for flexible terms and direct carrier billing helps ensure partnerships fit your business strategy.

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Take advantage of Vindicia’s global reach via Amdocs

Amdocs, Vindicia’s parent company, bridges multiple industry ecosystems to connect OTT brands and communication service providers. Serving 350+ communication leaders in more than 85 countries, Amdocs has deep ties to many of the world’s powerhouse service provider brands. As the owner of Vubiquity and Vindicia, Amdocs also has strong connections to the media and OTT subscription industries. It’s a combination that adds value and reach to the MarketONE platform.

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Overcome the largest integration barriers

Digital subscription services (‘OTT’) partnering with communications service providers (CSPs) can be a win-win for both sides of the relationship. This year alone, several high-profile partnerships have gone live between companies like T-Mobile US and Quibi and Sky and Disney+ to deliver more OTT subscriptions to CSP customers.

Check out our eBook: “6 largest OTT integration barriers for CSPs and how to address them” to learn:

  • How OTTs can expand their reach into new markets by tapping into CSP user bases
  • How to overcome OTT-CSP integration challenges
  • How OTT-CSP partnerships can create a more seamless customer experience with customizable bundled offerings and flexible payment options

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