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Work with the subscription platform that increases customer lifetime value and conversions as it cuts churn.

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Unlock 10-15% higher revenue

Vindicia Subscribe (formerly Vindicia CashBox) delivers complete billing across the entire subscription lifecycle.

Vindicia Subscribe is the platform built to improve key B2C subscription metrics — so you can devote more energy to innovation. As you free your team to create fresh experiences and better offers, we’re making the revenue side of success less stressful. Measure the difference in your bottom line, and see lasting gains in the longevity of customer relationships.

Subscribe Plans

Subscribe Essentials

Get started with subscription and recurring revenue billing with a plan designed to meet your needs.

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Subscribe Grow

Remove billing stress with a plan just for companies ready to take growth to the next level.

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Subscribe Enterprise

Keep scaling your business, and let Vindicia deliver subscription lifecycle management and subscription intelligence.

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Simplify the subscription lifecycle

Only Vindicia Subscribe is engineered to boost the metrics you use to measure success at every stage of the subscription lifecycle:

Attract more new subscribers with the freedom to launch and refine offers. Get creative knowing that your billing platform helps you speed ideas to market.

Support all the pricing and payment options that customers want while accessing data-driven insights into revenue.

See lower churn by reducing billing friction and stress. And reduce churn even more dramatically as we use subscription intelligence to resolve declined transactions.

Use subscription intelligence to mine data for opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. Pricing insights help you grow revenue from existing clients.

Connect with the subscription experts at Vindicia for industry benchmarking data, best practices, and ideas to increase revenue.

Get a handle on simplified leading practices.

Subscription billing

Let customers pay the way they want to pay by supporting popular global and regional subscription billing options.

Subscription management

Align your subscriptions to ever-changing pricing, packaging, bundling, campaign, and promotion demands.

Subscription intelligence

Subscription business success requires intelligence at all phases of the subscription lifecycle.

Subscription payments

Submit payments to your choice of supported processors, and accept any currency supported by the processor.

Subscription revenue

Recurring payments involve complexities that can reduce retention and revenue. Vindicia handles those complexities for you.

Subscriber lifecycle management

Remove friction from billing to increase customer joy at every stage of the subscription lifecycle.

Customer retention

Apply customer experience best practices and subscription intelligence to keep more subscribers every billing cycle.

Subscriber churn management

Go beyond stale retry logic. Vindicia applies subscription intelligence to churn management to resolve failed transactions.

Churn calculation

See the bite that churn takes out of your revenue over time. Calculate churn and learn how even small reductions lead to much higher revenue.

Subscription metrics and reporting

Stay on top of key B2C metrics like customer lifetime value and churn as you comply with ever-changing revenue recognition requirements.

Business model optimization

Use subscription intelligence built from data and analysis to refine and improve your subscription business model.

SaaS billing

As a cloud-based platform, Vindicia Subscribe connects to your processes and scales to meet your needs.